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DSS Coextrusion Dies for Double & Triple Bubble Applications:

The simultaneous biaxial orientation created by the double or triple bubble process enhances blown film physical properties in several ways.

These enhancements include up to 5 times higher oxygen and aroma barrier for EVOH and PA films, up to 2 times higher moisture barrier for PP and PE based films, and up to 3 times higher puncture resistance when producing film structures with PA and PET. Increased stiffness has also been observed. Because the film is water quenched, film transparency and gloss are also improved.

Dual Spiral Systems double and triple bubble coex dies provide a compact production platform to produce high quality extruded products with an emphasis on switching from one formulation to another rapidly while virtually eliminating scrap production.

Advanced computer simulation enables the mathematical optimization of flow passages shape and geometry. All DSS dies are custom designed and optimized for each process, resulting in an extrusuion die that exceeds even the highest process requirements.


  • Rapid purging and material changeover in under 10 minutes.
  • All melt distribution takes place in the spirals allowing the tooling to be sized to provide the optimum velocity and pressure balance characteristics necessary for uniform film thickness.
  • High output rate design for maximum production profitability.
  • Conical side fed spiral distribution system with streamlined ports, reduces polymer wetted surface area by 40% compared to "coat hanger" designs. Lower surface area reduces back pressure and increases output.
  • Film thickness distribution from die is under 2% (2 Sig), and approaches cast film quality.
  • Die flow surfaces are coated with with physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings.
  • Die package includes our blown film process software that is used to predict process changes and how to balance the properties on the film you make to increase strength in both machine and transverse direction.
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