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February 2009 DSS Die Signature V2.0:

DSS Die Signature Screen Shot

Dual Spiral Systems has developed computer software to calculate various process parameters specific to the blown film and converting industry.

The software is customized to a customer's specific die design geometry and can be used to simplify process set up, develop new product structures and change process variables, like output rates, resin types and layer ratios to determine what effect they would have on their actual machinery without having to do the trial in real life.

Customers using DSS Die Signature are able to identify cause and effect relationships that may occur within their extrusion machinery. For instance, Die Signature will determine if using a new resin will cause high back pressure that will limit output or if changing layer ratios will cause interfacial instability in coextrusion machinery.

Die Signature is unique in that each die geometry that a customer has is programmed into the software and provides an accurate prediction of how the process will react to changes in process parameters allowing users to greatly reduce or eliminate costly trial and error runs, production downtime due to testing and scrap generated during resin trials.

DSS Die Signature will simulate back pressure and shear rate development profile inside the die layers, along with layer exit velocities, residence times, for user entered output rates, temperatures, resin selections and resin blends. The program also calculates line speed, roll diameter, resin costing, O2 permeability, moisture vapor transition rates and take up/blow up ratio.

DSS Die Signature is available to all customers purchasing DSS extrusion machinery.

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