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Dual Spiral Systems Blown Film Processor Dual Spiral Systems ExtruSim
Click Here To Download Film Processor Ver 3.6Click Here To Download Film Processor Click Here To Download ExtruSim Ver 2.3Click Here To Download ExtruSim
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Blown Film Processor Ver 4.0 allows you to:
  1. Simplify process setup
  2. Develop new product structures
  3. Perform financial planning
  4. Cost materials easily
  5. Develop structures based on oxygen permeability and water vapour transmission rate
  6. Analyze and optimize mono and co-extruded film structures up to 11 layers and 7 component blends per layer for your existing or future processes
  7. Calulate Take up ratio and Forming Ratio
  8. Balance film properties to have even MD and TD properties
New! ExtruSim Ver 2.3 allows you to:
  1. Predict how a single screw extruder will perform under different conditions
  2. Calculate energy consumption, material output, torque
  3. Perform a cost analysis
  4. Analyze conventional and barrier screw geometries and various resins
  5. Analyze two stage vented screw geometries (predicts vent flow leakage)

Minimum System Requirements

Dual Spiral Systems currently supports Windows® 95/98 and Windows® NT/2000. To express your interest in a Mac® version, send an e-mail to software@dualspiralsystems.com.

The minimum system requirements for your PC are: 90 MHz Pentium processor with 32 MB of RAM, 12 MB of free disk space, a 28.8K modem and an SVGA monitor (800x600).

We recommend: 200 MHz Pentium MMX processor with 32 MB of RAM, 20 MB of free disk space, a 56K modem, a SVGA monitor (800x600) and a sound card.
  1. Click on the Download button to start the download.
  2. On the File Download window, click OK. The Save As window will appear.
  3. From the Save in drop-down menu, select Desktop and click on the Save button.
  4. Once the Download Complete window appears, click Close.

  5. Note: The program compressed file (film_processor.zip or extrusim.zip) will be on your desktop for future use.
  6. Close all programs and double-click on the icon for the appropriate 'zip' file.
  7. This will open up the WinZip file compression application window. Press Extract to extract the set up files to the directory of your choosing. If you don't have the WinZip file compression utility installed on your computer you can download the program from http://www.winzip.com/ at no charge.
  8. Once this is complete, double-click on the file named setup.exe (located in the folder you selected in the previous step) to being the installation of the DSS Film Processor or ExtruSim.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  10. Once the installation is complete, the program can be run by clicking the Start button and selecting the Programs menu, then program icon.
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