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Cylindrical Dies:

Dual Spiral Systems cylindrical spiral dies do not require high back pressures caused by flow restrictions to provide even film thickness distribution. The die spirals are designed to accurately and evenly distribute the polymer melt to produce tight tolerance uniform film thickness distribution.

Advanced computer simulation enables each the flow passages in all our dies to be custom designed for each application, with no design compromises inherent in "off the shelf" standard die designs. We offer our customers design software for each die we produce that allows them to predict how their die will perform with changes in material, temperature, flow rate, and other process parameters.


  • High performance mono-layer or coextrusion cylindrical dies for film and tubing applications.
  • Bottom fed spiral mandrel distribution system with streamlined ports.
  • All melt distribution takes place in the spirals allowing the tooling to be sized to provide the optimum velocity and pressure balance characteristics necessary for uniform thickness film.
  • Computer designed flow passages reduce the head's sensitivity to variations in the material to be run through the die.
  • New multi-layer coex block geometry, that reduces polymer wetted surface area by 40%. Lower surface area reduces back pressure generation.
  • Die lip is coated with DSS K05 low friction coating to eliminate melt fracture, reduce down time to do lip cleaning and reduce PPA
  • Die package includes our blown film process software that is used to predict process changes and how to balance the properties on the film you make to increase strength in both machine and transverse direction.
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