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Dual Spiral Systems Compact Coextrusion Die Series

The DSS Compact Coex die is a new extrusion die for blown film/tubing from Dual Spiral Systems.

In the compact series, the die has been reduced in height and weight by 50% compared to our traditional multi-layer DSS modular die system.

The DSS Compact Coex die has the following advantages:

  • Faster heat up time due to lower die mass.
  • Lower residence time in the die due to shorter flow passages.
  • Faster purge and material changeover times as a result of lower residence time.
  • 60% less energy consumption due to reduced heat requirement.
  • 50% lower die weight simplifies die handling & moving the die.
  • More streamlined melt port entries
  • 50% lower die height allows for a lower blown film tower height and takes up less vertical space
  • Provides greater flexibility in running different resins
  • The DSS compact die still maintains our layer splitting feature providing the same film properties offered from our traditional DSS die
  • Die package includes our blown film process software that is used to predict process changes and how to balance the properties on the film you make to increase strength in both machine and transverse direction.
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