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Pipe and Tubing Dies:

Dual Spiral Systems pipe and tubing dies are designed using computer simulation and are CNC machined to the tightest tolerances. Like DSS film dies, DSS pipe and tubing spirals are designed to accurately and evenly distribute the polymer melt to produce tight tolerance uniform pipe thickness distribution.


  • Ease of disassembly and low maintenance.
  • Rapid purging, color and material changeovers.
  • Highly uniform wall thickness.
  • Interchangeable lip sets to change pipe diameter using the same die body, and integrated oil cooling system is available.
  • Computer designed flow passages, result in high output rates, and consistent product properties.
  • Available up to diameters of 35"(890mm) with pipe wall thicknesses up to 2"(50mm).
  • Die lip is coated with DSS K05 low friction coating to eliminate melt fracture, reduce build up and die drool.
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